Austrian 'Saint Nicholases' visited Ukraine. GIVING BACK 2018

Monday, 17. December 2018

Mohio Gaming Competence actively encourages social development by offering support and playing an active role in cooperation with homeless children organizations.

Every year Austrian philanthropists visit the Transcarpathian orphanages with presents on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays. These annual visits have become a wonderful tradition.

First of all, they visited the orphanage in Svaliava where they gave 600 diapers, bacterial irradiators, clothes, toys, sweets, etc. Beiresh V. M. who is the head of this institution organized a warm reception and discussed the details of cooperation with the Austrians. As part of this visit, Andreas Neubauer and Andrej Machanets gave the interview to the Sirius TV.

The next stop was the orphanage in Chynadiyovo where the pupils received various things: sweets, hygiene products, sportswear and footwear, accessories and other stuff that they need in their everyday life. Children expressed their gratitude with Christmas songs and verses.

The next day, Saint Nicholases visited a rehabilitation center located in Tyachiv where they became a part of the children’s holiday organized by Pushchynska V.I., the head of this institution. During the celebration, children received Christmas gifts, and the directorate of the institution received heaters, educational materials for work with children and other necessary things. This institution is located next to the retirement home where the inhabitants were given clothes and footwear as well.

The foreign guests also paid attention to the orphanage in Vynohradiv where they gave various presents such as an industrial potato peeler, artificial fir trees and a lot of sweets. The inhabitants met the guests with a performance dedicated to New Year celebration.

In the future, the philanthropists would like to help more establishments in Transcarpathia.

Many thanks to our ‘Saint Nicholases’: Andrej Machanets, Andreas Neubauer, Jörg Haghofer, Andreas Leitner, Dar Machanets and Ivan Machanets.

May God help our philanthropists in their good deeds and help them to make even more people happier.